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Have you worked in the US and need professional help with your tax returns?

Tax Wizard is here for you.

Our Services: 

  • preparation & filing your federal tax return
  • preparation & filing your state tax return
  • communication with US Tax authorities on your behalf

What are the advantages?

  • free calculation of your tax return - you know the exact amount of your refund (or tax debt) before you sign with us
  • everything sorted online from the comfort of your home
  • competitive prices and dedicated customer support during the entire tax return process
  • no hidden charges
  • the best evaluated company in the US tax return process (5.0 on both Google & Facebook)
  • tax refunds received directly to your US bank account from the US tax office
Free Tax Calculator

How it works?

  • Registration
  • Filing the tax return
  • Refund

Get a calculation of your tax return totally free of charge. Subsequently, within 1 working day you will receive the calculation to your email address. If you decide to have a tax return prepared & filed by our company, fill in the registration form.  

After completing our registration form, we will prepare & file your tax return. You do not pay anything until you receive your tax refund from the US tax office. 

After you receive the tax refund from the US tax office to your Wise account (or paper check eventually), we will provide you the invoice with the instructions, how to pay the fee to us.