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Registration form

How does it work?

1.        As the first step to successfully file your tax return, please complete our registration form. You will need your W-2 form (from each US employer) to complete it. Upload your W-2 form either as a scan, PDF or a high-quality photo.

2.        By the end of the next business day, you will receive an accurate calculation of your taxes at your email. If you decide to use our services, you will find payment information and the next steps in this email. If you choose not to use our services, nothing happens and it costs you nothing.

3.        In case you decide to use our services, you will pay the fee and we will send your tax return to your email address within 5 working days. This email will include exact instructions to follow (where to sign the tax return, where to send it, how to monitor the progress status). 

4.        In case the tax office asks for additional information or if anything needs to be communicated with the tax office, our company will prepare all documentation for you.

5.        If you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime.