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Registration form

How does it work?

1.        As the first step to successfully file your tax return, please complete our registration form. You will need following documents:  

 a) W-2 form (high quality scan of your paper W-2 form, or upload your electronic version of W-2 received from your employer) - if you don't receive W-2 form yet, you can still register and send it to us later. You can type estimated amounts to amounts earned & taxes paid. We will adjust it once you provide us with W2 form. 

b) Copy of your SSN card

c) Copy of your passport (one copy of first page with the photo, one copy of the visa in the passport)

d) your DS-2019 form (in case you have it)

2.        Once you are registered, we will complete and file your tax return (federal & state). Where possible, we file tax returns electronically. After your return is filed, you will receive email with information when you can expect your refund. 

3.        After you receive the tax refund from US tax office, we will send you invoice and you pay us. We have no hidden charges, you can see our prices in our price list in "Our Services" category in the left menu.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime.